Which offer is adapted to me?

Here is a reminder of the GB Packs available (all for global access, with 1 year validity):
- Discover = 1 GB. Allows to view up to 1 900km² Pléiades
- Starter = 4 GB. Allows to view up to 7 600km² Pléiades
- Standard = 10 GB. Allows to view up to 19 000km² Pléiades
- Advanced = 30 GB. Allows to view up to 57 150km² Pléiades
You can use our online Simulator by clicking on “How to choose the right subscription?”.

What happens at the end of my subscription?

You will get notified on OneAtlas portal when reaching the end date of your subscription (anniversary date of the contract) and your access will be blocked. If you’re an API user, you won’t get a notification, but your access will be blocked. You will still be able to use the data that you have downloaded.

How can I track my consumption?

Your consumption can be monitored in OneAtlas Data web interface in the “Usage” panel. Your balance is also available in the blue header.
If you are an API user, you can track your consumption using the API. Please refer to the API documentation available on OneAtlas Developer portal in the Living Library / Search & Order / Check your balance section.
Please note that allowance does not take into account the last 3 hours of streaming.


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