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Tasking our Radar satellites and receiving the imagery you requested has just become much easier.

Access the radar tasking and archive service and benefit from our brand new intuitive interface, enabling you to task our radar satellites in just a few simple steps.

Key Benefits

  • Best choice for maximizing the success of your collection campaign
  • Streamlined offer to ease the ordering process and allow 24/7 tasking access
  • Access to our Multi-resolution and -scale Radar Acquisition Modes supporting extensive maritime coverage to image interpretation close to optical
  • An industry-leading acquisition success rate, for reliable and timely decision-making
  • Weather and daylight independent data collections

Key Features

  • Easy and intuitive acquisition planning and ordering tool
  • Access to versatile and flexible Radar sensors with 6 Acquisition Modes:
  • (from up to 25cm res. to 40m res. and up to 270km swath)
  • Choice between 4 different Data Processing Levels
  • Comprehensive 15 year Radar Archive (as of 2022, and growing)


Request your Radar subscription directly through OneAtlas.

Looking for more technical information on polarization modes, processing parameters download options and more? See our technical resources here.

For further information please contact our Customer Service:


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