In this section you will find the changelog relating to OneAtlas API and services.

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Coming soon…

Following features are part of the roadmap and priorities are subject to change.

Mosaics 2020
You will be able to stream and order mosaic products.

Tasking 2020
You will be able to task our satellites and get access to the imagery in your workspace.

Free Trial 2020
Discover our new free trial giving you access to worldwide imagery.

Pléiades NEO Tasking 2020
Task Pléiades NEO imagery with a 30 cm resolution.

Analytics Toolbox 2020
New algorithms will be added : land-use cartography and armored vehicle detection.

Basemap 2020
Newly ingested data will be dehazed.

Our last releases

April 2020

Search API
Users now have access to additional imagery from the Airbus archive within the Living Library. Start with premium 50cm & 1.5m data with a lower cloud cover and incidence angle, then explore a much deeper archive of Airbus data

January 2020

Analytics Toolbox
You can now order a change detection report with or without the quality control option. This option includes a semi-automated mode to remove false alarms and thus ensures a high level of precision. Delivery may take up to 3 business days.

Data visualization will be free up to zoom level 10. Consumption for imagery will be charged starting at zoom level 11.

Coregistration between sensor imagery based on the reference OneAtlas Basemap bas been improved. This feature will be available for all Verde users.

December 2019

Order API
New pan-sharpened formats are available. You will find these formats while ordering an image in your private workspace.

November 2019

Analytics Toolbox
A new algorithm is available : Aircraft detection and counting.

Newly ingested Pléiades data are denoised.

October 2019

Analytics Toolbox
A new service “Analytics Toolbox” has been launched. You can access this service through the API and use change detection, car, truck, and ship counting algorithms.

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