GeoStore APIs

GeoStore has been especially created to offer customers and partners an advanced 24/7 access service for satellite data.In addition to the GeoStore Web portal, you can also have access to the Geostore APIs. These APIs will allow you to access to almost the same set of features accessible in the Web portal.

Our GeoStore API includes the ability to:

  • Search our full Airbus optical catalog using advanced set of search options (seasonal criteria, snow cover, cloud cover, angle, resolution, product type, etc).

  • Order Archive products with exactly the same set of options that are accessible in the web portal.

  • Task the Airbus optical constellations.

Before using our APIs, you will need to request access, so please contact us and we will be happy to create your accesses and provide you with login details. Then read our Search, Order and Task guides to discover how to use and integrate the GeoStore APIs in your applications.

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