OneAtlas Data API Limitations

API Limitations

Multi-aoi / multi-item

Our Order API does support multi-aoi / multi-item BUT will be limited to 5 different pairs of AOI/item for a single order. Even if it is possible to simplify the integration and the tracking of your API requests, we suggest to keep 1 order / 1 area / 1 product offer

Minimum surface

Our order API does not support production under 5km² and less than 1km wide This limitation is technical and ensures the quality of the product In any case, minimum AOI for invoicing is 100 km² for tasking and 25km² for archive.

Complex areas

Our API does not support complex areas. A polygon can support a maximum of 999 vertices with no intersections.

Parallel Requests

As of today, our order API does not fully support parallel requests We have planned to lift this limitation as soon as possible with the implementation of a new version of our Order API As a conservative measure, we ask you to perform 1 request at a time

Rate limiting

In order to protect our system, please be aware that we have implemented rate limiting on our APIs. Rate limiting is 1 req/s with a ban time of 10 minutes for all ordering APIs and 100 req/s for search API.

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