What is the feeding frequency?

One Atlas Basemap and Living Library are updated every day with new and fresh images all over the world.

Are there AOI limitations?

The minimum billable AOI size is 0.1 sqkm, you can order smaller sizes that will be billed 0.1 sqkm.

Which formats and options do you provide?

Streaming (Living Library)Download
Spectral BandsRGBPanchromatic + Multispectral
Pixel depth8 bits8 bits / 16 bits
Radiometric optionDisplayReflectance and Display
ProjectionsGeographic (WGS 84)Geographic (WGS 84) / UTM WGS 84
FormatJPEG2000GeoTIFF / JPEG2000 Regular (lossless)

How many images are in the Living Library?

To give an order of magnitude, at October 10, 2019, more than 500 000 images are online, covering more than 800 000 000 sqkm representing 2PB of data.

How long does it take for an image to be made available in the Living Library after sensing?

A newly acquired image meeting the Living Library criteria will typically be ingested in 24/48h.

How can I search for a specific location?

Using the search bar, you can search by country & city name, street address, geographic coordinates. You can also uplaod your AOI in different possible file formats.

Can you explain what is the difference between WMS and WMTS?

They are both OGC standard formats. They allow an easy use of streaming services in GIS tools or libraries. We recommend WMTS which is faster, this protocol provides a pyramid of tiles reducing waiting time for the data and bandwith.

Do I consume data when streaming the same area?

Each tile rendered by servers has the cache-control / max-age value set to 31 536 000 seconds (~1 year). It means that if the customer is using the Living Library with a web browser or if the custom implementation is using the http header properly, the tile will not be requested and charged for this period. If the cache is not properly configured, the consumption will be twice when the user streams the same data.

How to access images?

The Living Library is accessible through OneAtlas Data and API (application programming interface), in streaming and download, with multiple formats options. You can also access images by using the OneAtlas Mobile application available for Android and iOS.
The process through OneAtlas Data portal is the following:
- Draw an Area of Interest (AOI) in the viewer thanks to the Draw button
- Launch a Living Library search by clicking on the button “Living Library” appearing when AOI is drawn
- All images returned in the search results are made available for instant streaming (for this, click on eye button available for each image information)
You can also request that an image processing in order to have image in downloading from your workspace (My Data panel).
All data ordered are available for streaming or download in the format chosen.

Can I get an Offline Basemap?

Yes, a digital copy of the Basemap can be delivered through physical delivery or online download. In this case, users can consult the Basemap in a fully offline environment.

Can I connect to OneAtlas Data from my GIS?

If you want to use a GIS, you will be able to connect with OneAtlas DATA APIs while authenticating directly from your GIS. This connection is available for QGIS, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise. Consult our guide to learn how to connect OneAtlas to your GIS tool.

What browsers and respective versions are supported by OneAtlas?

  • Chrome Version 66.0.3359.139 (Build officiel) (64 bits)
  • Firefox Version 52.3.0 (32 bits)

Will the service be available on a 24/7 basis?

Yes, the service is available 24/7.

Which DEM do you use for my ortho image?

All images orthorectified via OneAtlas platform are based on Ref3D.

What are the processing levels available ?

The processing combinations that are offered (as DIMAP products) are the following ones (combinations available for both Pléiades and SPOT products):
Bundle – 12 bits – Jpeg2000 – Reflectance
Bundle – 8 bits – GeoTIFF – Display

How can I task Airbus constellation ?

The tasking is available on OneAtlas Portal and directly with APIs.

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