API testing guide

In the current version of this developer portal, there is no sandbox for testing purposes. We understand that the whole process of ordering satellite imagery may be overwhelming, and that validation might be needed beforehand to ensure that no mistakes are made. Here are some tips to help you with this process.

Testing environment & Postman collections

A simple way to test API requests is to use Postman which is an application that allows you to create, store, organize and play with requests. You can also store environment variables that may be helpful to maintain request collections, especially when the authentication token has a limited validity. When everything is settled, you need to fill the endpoint, action verb and payload in order to test the request. When you are familiar with Postman, you can download collections related to each API including all the requests described in the tutorials. They can be found for each API and downloaded directly from the portal.

Reversible actions

Many requests described in this portal will be free, especially the one giving you information about the contracts, options, or even the price and the feasibility tasking. These requests will allow you to make your calls without ordering anything you do not want to be charged for. The Calculate price request will have the same payload than the one used to order products and can be used to check the validity of your input.


Most of the actions that can be performed have already been developed by our teams in Python and made available via notebooks, which you can find in the general menu of each API. Feel free to download them, copy and reuse the code even if you are not used to using Python. If you are not familiar with the notebook format, please refer to the Jupyter website to become familiar with the service.

Trial account

For any actions you wish to perform via API, an authentication linked to a contract is needed. If you are interested in a trial account (TechEval), please contact our Customer Care team They are here to answer questions and help get you started.

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